Why Is There a War In My Pubic Hair?!

September 17th, 2012

OK folks, let's be real clear about something. My pubic hair? It's mine and I get to decide how much of it I have and how I'm going to wear it. If you don't approve of my decision, then stay out of my pants!

I understand why Dr. Emily Gibson wrote her article about the purpose of pubic hair and the risks of removing it and I welcome information that will help me make a good decision for myself. What gets me are the comments that appear on this article and articles mentioning it. I'm fine with the people who simply state their personal preference for their own pubic hair, but some of these people are completely off the rails.

If You Don't Like Pubic Hair You Must Be a Pedophile!

One of the favorite mudballs thrown at Team Bare by Team Bush is an accusation of pedophilia. Their argument is that pubic hair is a sign of adulthood, so if you want your partner to get rid of it, you must be sexually attracted to children. This is complete and utter nonsense. Know what other kinds of hair are signs of adulthood? Armpit hair, leg hair, facial hair - body hair in general. I don't see any difference between finding a smooth pubis attractive and finding smooth armpits attractive. Especially since today's smooth-all-the-way-down crowd largely got the preference from looking at naked adults. Pedophilia is not an accusation to be tossed around lightly and these folks really need to take a step back.

You Must/Must Not Get Rid of Your Pubic Hair

Excuse me? Thanks for the input, but random strangers on the internet are not the boss of my genitalia. I'm willing to entertain the suggestions of a person that I've actually invited into that vicinity, but even they better not start telling me what I must or must not do with my own body parts. All those folks ranting about wire brushes and Brillo pads need to get over themselves. Same goes for those issuing dire warnings of immediate and debilitating diseases if my landing strip isn't quite wide enough for them. Fifteen minutes ago, nobody had a problem having relations with a person with pubic hair. Fifteen minutes from now people will be shrieking about how a person is only attractive if their pubic hair is in cornrows. Get some perspective, k?

Teens Are Being Forced to Remove Pubic Hair By the Fashion Industry!

If we're telling teenagers (or adults) that they don't have to tailor their bodies to the requirements of other people, I'll be right there. However, assuming that people who choose to remove some or all of their pubic hair are mindless slaves to Kim Kardashian is just plain condescending. Some people prefer to not have body hair. Not because Vogue says so. Not out of fear. Not because they think they must. They just like it better. Who are these people to tell them what they should or shouldn't like about themselves?

Electrolysis and Pubic Hair

When it comes to permanent pubic hair removal, I'd choose electrolysis. I like the precise nature of it, especially in such a delicate area. I like the way the electrologists I work with consider how much pubic hair I remove (if any) to be a personal decision, as opposed to a requirement. I like the high priority the electrologists place on my privacy.

I don't want to be a billboard for somebody's vajazzle skills. I don't want to hear about how nobody will want me if I don't [insert current fad] my pubic hair. I want somebody who only cares about what I want. I want an electrologist.

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