Unwanted Lip Hair: There's a New Sheriff in Town!

November 8th, 2012
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Say Hello to the "Kelly" Tip and Say Goodbye to Unwanted Lip Hair!

Electrolysis is taking a big step forward, thanks to a collaboration between one of the electrolysis industry's oldest instrument manufacturers and one of its best and most beloved practitioners.

Laurier Electrolysis ProbeA newly designed and engineered probe will soon be available to electrologists and it's going to change the way you feel (or, more to the point, what you don't feel) about removing unwanted lip hair - The "Kelly" Tip from Laurier Instruments.

Everybody Hates Unwanted Lip Hair

Electrologists and their clients all hate vellus lip hair - that light shadow a lot of women get over the outer edges of their lip. These hairs are super-shallow, can be painful to treat with a common needle, and in the most sensitive place they can be. After over 21 years of working on this type of hair, Kelly Morissy, LE, CPE thought she had a solution - a small adjustment to the size of the exposed tip could make a world of difference to client comfort.

Making It Happen

Morrissy took her idea to Mike Roy of Laurier Instruments, makers of the Insulated Bulbous Probe - the Cadillac of probes. Roy added his engineering and manufacturing capabilities to Morrissy's experience and know-how to design a a set of prototypes with a variety of tip size adjustments to see if Morrissy's idea had legs. As it turns out, her idea has more legs than a barrel of centipedes.

The Results

Electrologists who tested the prototype designs on real-wold clients were ecstatic. Their clients reported a dramatic reduction of discomfort when removing the unwanted lip hair using the "Kelly" Tip. And, when we say "reported," we mean they raved. Some of them raved at the electrologist's office, then got home and then called the electrologist to rave some more!

Roy had this to say about Morrissy:

Kelly is a perfect example of an electrologist thinking outside the box, choosing not to accept the status quo as "good enough" and trying to improve what we do. The very reason my father invented the IBP in the first place. It's dedication and enthusiasm like hers that make significant advances possible.

The prototype that best balanced performance and engineering requirements is going into production and will soon be available. Believe me when I say this is going to make a huge difference to anyone with unwanted lip hair.

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3 Responses to “Unwanted Lip Hair: There's a New Sheriff in Town!”

  1. Carol Leong says:

    When will this new tip become available and can all machines use it?

  2. Mike Roy says:

    The first ones are being finished now and should reach Skip at Instantron by the end of next week Carol.

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