Simple Tips for Getting the Best Hair Removal Experience

August 15th, 2019

To get the best results from your electrologist you must prepare yourself, your hair, and your skin for your electrolysis appointment.

Here is a list to help you prepare and keep your skin soft and smooth while effectively removing hair.

Staying hydrated before your electrolysis appointment can boost the effectiveness of your session.


Hydrate: This is the most important step in preparation for your treatment. Drink plenty of water a few days before your treatment. Electrolysis works best when the skin and hair are well hydrated.

Arrive stress free and relaxed: When you're scheduling an appointment be sure you give yourself plenty of time. Avoid making appointments for times when you'll feel rushed or stressed. Coming in relaxed can significantly reduce discomfort during your visit.

Avoid Caffeine: Stay away from caffeine the day of your electrologist appointment. Caffeine's purpose is to keep us awake and alert, combined that with a small electric shock and it can make anyone uncomfortable. Additionally caffeine-induced jitters can make it harder for an electrologist to follow the follicle being treated.

Shave the area you are treating 3-5 days before your appointment: It is easier for your electrologist to locate your hair follicles when the hair is shorter. Shaving 3-5 days before your appointment should leave the optimal amount of hair visible for your electrologist.

Do not tweeze before your electrolysis appointment: It can take 6 weeks for your hair follicle to grow after tweezing, making it harder for an electrologist to find the follicle.

Avoid exposure to the sun before treatment: Exposure to the sun can dry out your skin potentially increasing discomfort during treatment and prolonging the healing process. If you must expose your skin to the sun your electrologist will likely recommend applying a lotion of SPF 50 or greater to protect your skin.

Moisturize: Along with staying hydrated, moisturizing can benefit you during your treatment process. Avoid any harsh ingredients in your moisturizers and soaps. Talk to your electrologist as they may be able to recommend a product for you.


Again stay hydrated: Staying hydrated after your electrolysis appointment is just as important as staying hydrated before your appointment. Your skin may heal faster when your body is properly hydrated.

Skip the makeup brush: Staying makeup free for the first 24 hours after treatment will ensure that your recently-treated pores and skin remain clean and recover faster.

Do not touch or scratch your skin: Following an electrolysis session your skin will be more susceptible to bacteria while your follicles heal.  Scratching or touching the areas that have been treated may cause an acne breakout. Follow your electrologist’s post-treatment guide to ensure you are keeping your skin clean.

Everyone’s situation is different but the electrologists in your area are knowledgeable professionals who would be happy to answer any of your questions about your individual needs. Find an electrologist near you and schedule your consultation today!

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