Professional Hair Removal Equipment Makes A Difference

May 30th, 2012
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So, you just spent 200 bucks and bought yourself a DIY hair removal device from a shopping channel, eh? That's cute.

Your electrologist probably dropped thousands of dollars on the epilator they use for your treatments. Think there's a difference, maybe?

A lot of research goes into electrolysis hair removal technology and it hasn't been wasted. The newer machines have all sorts of available features that improve the quality of your hair removal treatments. They offer finer control of current and heat, improved recording capabilities - some even have cold air to help numb sensitive areas!

Apilus Platinum Epilator

The newest Apilus machines from Dectro are 27MHz devices and, according to pretty much everybody, the difference is phenomenal. These machines allow the electrologist to permanently remove unwanted hair faster and at lower energy levels, resulting in a fantastic experience for the hair removal client. To quote one of my favorite zapper ladies, "People want the hair off fast, and they don't want it to hurt very much. The 27 megahertz epilators can deliver on those wants."

The machines aren't the only things that have seen major improvements over the years. The probes (those things they stick in your hair follicles) have also come a long way. Individual sterile packaging, improved insulation, and lots of engineering chops give your electrologist access to probes that provide a whole different world of hair removal comfort.

A Laurier .005" Long (one of the larger sizes) next to a strand of my hair.

If the Apilus is the Ferrari of epilators, then the Ferrari of probes has got to be the Laurier. I've recently gotten to talk with Mike Roy of Laurier, and to take a look at a variety of probes side-by-side. I'm not an electrologist, but even to my untrained eyes, the difference is profound. The Laurier probes are thinner, much more flexible, and the engineering is top-notch in terms of both shape and insulation.

I gently poked my skin with the various probes to get a feel for them and found I'd accidentally partially inserted the Laurier without realizing it or even feeling it at all! Roy also tells me that the Laurier probes provide an unparalleled level of RF current insulation. Even the packaging (ProView Plus sterile pouches, each with an indicator showing it has been autoclave heat sterilized) is exceptional.

The point of all this is that if you tried electrolysis years ago and found it uncomfortable, or even painful, give it another try. You'll be amazed at the difference.

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One Response to “Professional Hair Removal Equipment Makes A Difference”

  1. J. M. Reina says:

    I am an electrologist since 1980. With the advent of the laser, most manufacturers stopped investing in electrology. So with the arrival of the new millennium, I began to resign and accept that I would end up retiring without the ability to test any better than my old machine. Then the amazing Platinum appeared, WOW! Who has not felt the frustration of not being able to apply enough power as quickly as your hands let you? that was my feeling before knowing the Platinum. A great way to improve my speed, but I still wanted one treatment as safe as fast. Then I had the opportunity to test the IBP Laurier, WOW again!. So I added security to my speed and my treatments are now closer to the level of perfection that I want for my clients. I do not know if I catch up to try something new, but if not, I am ALMOST satisfied.

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