Permanent Hair Removal at Home? No! No!

March 7th, 2012
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I see a lot of ads for various devices that are meant to provide do-it-yourself permanent hair removal at home. And by "a lot" I mean, "You can't turn around without seeing an ad for some little pink thing that promises to forever dehair you painlessly at home while singing you James Taylor songs and feeding you bonbons!"

I have one question. Professional electrologists - and electrolysis is the only hair removal method recognized by the FDA as permanent - spend thousands of dollars on equipment and hundreds of hours on education and training. Laser hair removal providers - which can provide permanent hair reduction - also invest thousands of dollars in equipment. So, my question is this: Why would they do that if you can get the same results without any training from a $250 pink box? WHY?!

The answer is that they wouldn't. Because you don't get the same results. The burger you get at the fast food place never looks like the one in the ad, and the hair removal results you get from the pink box don't look like the ad either. Doing your own shaving, tweezing, or waxing at home to temporarily reduce hair is one thing. If you want truly permanent hair removal, you need to pitch the pink box and go see a professional who understands things like hair growth cycles. When professional electrologists, who already own the best equipment, have hair removal needs, they don't do it themselves. They go to another professional electrologist!

Saying that you are going to perform your own permanent hair removal treatments with one of these at-home devices is like deciding to drive to work every day on your kid's Big Wheel. The Big Wheel is a wonderful toy, but it's not a car and it shouldn't pretend that it is. Same goes for home hair removal devices. They have their place, but they can't replace a professional electrologist.

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2 Responses to “Permanent Hair Removal at Home? No! No!”

  1. Ann Clark says:

    This is an awsome page!!! Everyone is looking for a quick fix. Kind of like loosing weight, you have to diet and exercise. There's not any quick fixes that last.

  2. And in my clinic, I have seen some very serious skin damage done by at home hair removal devices. These are red dots and marks, skin irritation and hyperpigmentation. Save your money ladies! Find a professional electrologist and get it done right the first time! And thank you for taking the time to read this page!

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