Eeeeeek! A MAN!!!!!

February 29th, 2012
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Senor Woman discussing permanent hair removalA common story I hear from my electrologist clients is about their female hair removal clients freaking out when they hear or see a male hair removal client in the office. Many are surprised that hair removal is something that men do. A few have even been known to leave the office and refuse to receive their electrolysis treatment on the same day that a man has been treated.

Let's set the record straight on a few things about hair removal for men.

First off, all the kids are doing it these days. Women have sent out the memo that they like their men smooth, so the boys are manscaping in record numbers. Furry is just not in fashion these days. If a man is in your electrologist's office, he's probably there for the exact same reason as you are. He has unwanted hair that he wants to be rid of permanently.

Here are some reasons why men seek permanent hair removal:

  • Permanently separate that awful unibrow
  • Permanently remove that nasty ear hair
  • Permanently remove that nasty nose hair
  • Shape and clean up scraggly beard growth
  • Permanently remove those weird toe hairs
  • Get the smooth, hairless chest that is considered attractive these days
  • Get all that caveman hair off the back
  • Manscape the guy parts - because girls don't like hair down there!

"Aha!," you say after reading that last item, "I knew there was something creepy going on!" No. There really is not. Your professional electrologist is in the business of servicing permanent hair removal needs, not sexual fetishes. Someone who is there to have their dangly bits handled and zapped with electricity will be shown the door post-haste.

Permanent hair removal treatments are a perfectly mainstream thing for men to have these days. So, if you encounter a man in your electrologist's office, remember: They're not scary, just hairy!

Many thanks to these wonderful people for their input!
Barbara Greathouse, LE, CPE
Debra Larson, LE
Josefa MacĂ­as Reina
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4 Responses to “Eeeeeek! A MAN!!!!!”

  1. Josefa M. Reina says:

    Yes! Last week, one of my clients said: "Never again I will look like I've been sitting on a cactus". This was just after I finished making his buttocks with electrolysis.

  2. Josefa M. Reina says:

    There is another reason why a man needs the services of an electrologist. It is part of the preoperative in intervention of urethroplasty. This surgery requires the total elimination of hairs on a portion of the scrotal skin in order to use this skin to replace the damaged urethra.

  3. It is true, that the majority of my clientele are women, but the gentlemen that I see as well are image-conscience men who are forward thinkers! They have done the research on ELECTROLYSIS and know that this is the way to go for permanent hair removal!

  4. Mike Bono says:

    I've been doing electrolysis for 25+ years. More than half of my clients are male: all areas, face and body. Nicely, I work with a plastic surgeon so that local anesthetic is available ... it's so much easier when the patient feel's nothing. (Faster too, because you can use much higher settings.)

    Presently, so many men I now see were unsuccessfully treated with laser. I know it works on some; but it's a gamble. Electrolysis is guaranteed permanent.

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