Hairline Shaping With Electrolysis

May 16th, 2017
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Is Your Hairline Giving the Wrong Impression?

In the early 1900s, a doctor named Gerolamo Cardano penned several books in which he made an association between forehead lines and the planets. According to Cardano, the horizontal and vertical shapes on the forehead corresponded to different planets and provided valuable insight into personality and behavior. Interestingly, not only do followers of Metoposcopy read the lines, they also attempt to determine one’s personality and qualities by looking at the size of the forehead, and the shape of the hairline.

So what if, for example, you have a straight hairline with a narrow forehead? If Metoposcopy is to be believed this means you are angry and irritable, and craving love. Is that really how people see you? And more importantly, is that the impression you want to give?

How about a nice rounded hairline? Well, that, according to the books, means you are irresponsible and selfish, and quick to exploit friends.

Metoposcopy should be approached with common sense (and perhaps a hefty pinch of salt), but still, it does make you your hairline telling lies?

Luckily there is something which can be done to permanently and expertly change your hairline. Of course, you could try plucking the hairs which are distorting your otherwise perfect widow’s peak, or you could even shave the baby hairs growing under your hairline to give it more definition, but those are short-term solutions and would need almost constant maintenance. There is even something called ‘hair contouring’, which requires different parts of your hair to be lighter or darker to accentuate or disguise the shape of your face. But again, that would require regular visits to the salon.

If it worked for Rita Hayworth...

Take a leaf out of Rita Hayworth’s book. When she first came onto the movie scene in the 1930s she was a dark haired Spanish girl, with the typical Latino hairline – low-down and giving her forehead a narrow appearance. Her exotic looks were holding her back from landing bigger parts, so she underwent a series of electrolysis sessions on her hairline. This completely altered the appearance of her face, making her appear much more open and inviting, and showing off her eyes.

Rita Hayworth - Before and After Electrolysis Hairline Shaping

Rita Hayworth - Before and After Electrolysis Hairline Shaping

Of course, it’s not only the front hairline which can be improved using electrolysis. A lot of women like to wear their hair up but find that their neckline extends too far down the back of the neck. Electrolysis can be used to give a much cleaner neckline, making up-dos much sleeker.

While you might not want such a drastic change as Rita Hayworth, (she also went from black hair to her signature red) there is no doubt about it – hair frames the face, and the shape of your hairline does affect your appearance. Electrolysis is the only method of hair removal which the FDA allows to call itself permanent hair removal, so once it’s done you never have to think about it again.

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