You Bought Yourself a Pro Quality Epilator On eBay?

April 11th, 2012
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I recently saw an electrologist ask a group of other electrologists what advice should be given to those who have purchased a used professional quality epilator, like an Apilus, on eBay to use on themselves at home.

I reread it three times before I was sure I'd read it correctly. Then my head exploded.

Apparently, people do this. They go on eBay, buy a used professional quality epilator, then try to use it on themselves with no training or experience. Then, when it doesn't go well, they go to a hair removal forum and ask the internet what the correct settings are. By the way, "it doesn't go well" in this case means that they hurt. burned, and/or scarred themselves. I shudder to think what else these folks are trying to do to themselves at home with secondhand equipment they have no idea how to use. Remove their own cataracts, perhaps?

Woman with cables

Please, folks, please don't do this. Everybody understands that it's important to you to save some money where you can. Everybody also understands that unwanted hair can be embarrassing and that you'd rather remove it in the privacy of your own home. What you need to understand is that, if your body has decided to grow hair in a particular place, permanently convincing it not to requires destroying the follicle's ability to grow hair. The key word here is destroy. If you don't know how to use the epilator and you don't know the right settings, you can destroy things you didn't mean to. Things that have nothing to do with that unwanted hair.

Even professional electrologists don't generally treat themselves. Buying an epilator, even a really good epilator, does not make a person an electrologist. It's the training and the knowledge and the experience. Take care of yourself and go to a professional electrologist who can permanently rid you of unwanted hair safely, effectively and, yes, privately.

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2 Responses to “You Bought Yourself a Pro Quality Epilator On eBay?”

  1. Rita Souza says:

    I tried one of those do it yourself home electrolysis kits. It was useless. I decided to have professional treatments afterwards. Then I became an electrologist. After extensive training (1100 hours as required by my State), I shudder to think of the damage I could have done to my skin.

  2. Louise Devin says:

    A good hair dresser has a professional cut their hair, a good electrologist seeks a licensed professional friend to take care of our hair problems- can't imagine a novice trying anything this specialized on their own with no training. So much for people who don't like government regulating those who care for us.
    I welcome oversight and training.

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