Getting Started With an Electrologist

October 9th, 2015
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What to Expect at Your Initial Consultation With an Electrologist

Getting Started With an ElectrologistSo, you've decided you're ready for permanent freedom from unwanted hair. Congratulations! After shaving, plucking, and waxing yourself into frustration, you're probably ready for something that lasts. But first, you might have some questions about the beginning of your electrolysis process. Here's a few things you can expect at your initial consultation with an electrologist.

When you first come in, you'll meet your electrologist and talk about your hair removal goals: Which areas do you want to target? What hair removal methods have you already tried? You can discuss this with your electrologist and they'll fill you in about how many appointments you can expect, and how exactly electrolysis works.

You'll often get a chance to sample the electrolysis treatment so you can experience the sensation for yourself. Some electrolysis clients are concerned about pain, but after trying it out, they find it's a mild, slightly warm sensation, and less painful than tweezing. Of course, everybody's pain tolerance is different, so if it's overwhelming for you, your electrologist may suggest various ways to reduce the pain, such as breathing exercises, listening to music, and topical numbing agents.

Electrologists often share some of their own journey with unwanted hair removal. Years of the same shaving, plucking, and waxing that you've been through sparked many electrologists' interest in providing electrolysis. They understand the frustrations of unwanted hair, so they may share their own experience with you, and answer any questions you might have about the process.

Your electrologist will probably request your health history, which is similar to most other medical questionnaires. The history also may ask about any temporary hair removal methods you've tried, like tweezing, waxing, depilatories, laser, etc. They may ask about skincare treatments, medical conditions, medications, body modifications, and allergies. This is to ensure that electrolysis is the best choice for you, and also to look at the possible causes of your unwanted hair growth. These questions help electrologists provide the best permanent hair removal possible.

Your electrologist might also recommend things you can do so the treatment works most effectively, like refraining from some temporary hair removal methods right before electrolysis appointments. Sometimes certain habits, medications, or medical issues can cause unwanted hair growth, and your electrologist will want to empower you with knowledge about the causes, and help you with the solution.

Transgender clients may be asked about plans for hormone replacement therapy and surgeries. This is because HRT and surgery can affect hair growth patterns or require that hair removal treatments be coordinated with your plans, so as to be most effective.

Unfortunately, there's a lot of inaccurate information out there about electrolysis. Your electrologist will clarify those misconceptions and explain the realities of permanent hair removal. They will tell you the best ways for your treatments to be successful, such as consistently attending your appointments and taking good care of your skin.

Finally, your electrologist will encourage you and assure you that electrolysis is a team effort. They will confidently support you throughout your journey, and provide all information you need along the way. Again, congratulations on deciding permanent hair removal is for you. Freedom from unwanted hair is more than worth it.

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