Five Hair Removal Myths Your Doctor Probably Believes

March 28th, 2012

One of the problems with the Information Age is that myths can very quickly become "facts" through sheer repetition. Here are five hair removal myths that your doctor has probably seen repeated so often that they believe them.

1. Laser hair removal replaced electrolysis hair removal.
Not true. Laser hair removal is a valuable addition to available hair removal options, but it is not a replacement for electrolysis. There are many cases where electrolysis is a better choice, including light hair, dark skin, and a desire for truly permanent hair removal.

2. Electrolysis became obsolete in the 90's. Nobody even considers it anymore.
Just because laser hair removal swamped the place with ads doesn't mean that electrolysis disappeared. Active development continues with regard to skills, education, and equipment. Electrologists have thriving, busy practices and a host of happy clients. If your doctor thinks there are no electrologists around anymore, it's because he/she hasn't looked lately. Encourage your doctor to contact a local electrologist and update their information.

3. Laser is better because it's painless. People just can't tolerate the pain of electrolysis treatments.
I'm not sure where to begin talking about the wrong here.
First off, laser hair removal is not painless. It's just not. Secondly, they seem to have this perception of electrolysis treatments as being similar to electroshock therapy. Again, it's just not.

This is NOT an electrologist

The reality of both these hair removal methods (as well as waxing, sugaring, threading, etc.) is somewhere in the middle. They all involve some discomfort, but not as much as the fuss would indicate. How much discomfort and what kind varies by individual.

This is what a real electrologist looks like. Susan Nasta, LE, CPE.

4. Electrolysis is slow and tedious because it treats one hair at a time.
Well, it does treat one hair at a time, but electrologists are fast!
Watching these folks work is like watching a hummingbird. A professional electrologist can permanently remove hundreds of hairs in a 30 minute session. Other hair removal methods, like laser or waxing, do cover a larger area faster, but they don't result in permanent removal of the hair.

5. Electrolysis hair removal is only suitable for small areas.
Electrolysis may not be ideal for instant gratification with large areas the way waxing is, but if you are committed to permanent hair removal on a large area, like your back, electrolysis isn't just suitable; it's the only truly permanent choice.

If your doctor doesn't offer electrolysis as an option for your hair removal needs, they may have fallen victim to the "repeated hair removal myths" effect. Contact a local electrologist and get more information. Most electrologists offer free hair removal consultation, and many will even do a free sample treatment so you can see exactly what it's like.

Many thanks to these wonderful people for their input!
Susan Nasta, LE, CPE

5 Responses to “Five Hair Removal Myths Your Doctor Probably Believes”

  1. Most of my clients say electrolysis hurts the same or less than plucking .... and i think about 98% of my clients who had laser tell me that the laser hurts much more than electrolysis...

  2. ...And Oh! How my heart breaks for my client when she tells me that her doctor told her (and I quote): "Just shave it"!
    Dermatologists, Gyn-Obs and primary care physicians need to be made aware of what electrolysis is and it's benefits.
    It is up to us ELECTROLOGISTS to stay in constant contact with our local doctors. They appreciate it!

  3. PS: Very nice photo of Susan! And the first one is SO funny!

  4. Barbara Greathouse says:

    I don't know how many times I have heard the client describe how the physician LAUGHED and said, "Just shave it!"

  5. Doctors and laser companies flooded the market when they saw, after performing facial laser skin resurfacing, that there was no hair before they realized that hair, no matter where it is, has a life cyce. Unlike laser, ELECTROLYSIS works on all skin colors and types and all hair colors all parts of the body. ELECTROLYSIS has virtually no side effects and has been around since 1875, is approved by the FDA as Permanent Hair Removal. Laser can only claim permanent hair reduction. In the 90's, I and a number of other electrologists went to a symposium for laser where we were not allowed to ask questions. One doctor told us "it feels like a rubber band snapping against you skin". REALLY. Snapping a rubber band against your skin - hurts. With the new computerized machines and the skill of the electrologist, electrolysis is not that painful and BTW, for real sensitive areas there is EMLA which you can get a prescription for and it works. Most of all electrolysis works and is permanent.

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