Body Positivity: Ending the Shame Cycle

February 20th, 2017
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Body positivity solutionsWhile the term body positivity might be new, the sentiment isn't. Everyone wants to feel good about themselves. When faced with something you feel like you can't change, you have a choice to make - accept the trait or spiral into depression. At least, that’s the frame of the body positivity argument. Given those options, it’s easy to see why many men and women alike are leading others to accept their weight, stretch marks, gray hair, wrinkles, and body hair.

Body positivity is not magic

Their attitudes are jaunty and fearless; it's easy to see why anyone would want to emulate them. Maybe if we adopt those attitudes, we could gain the same confidence. From Meghan Trainor's positivity anthem "All About That Bass" to the public faces of bearded ladies like Harnaam Kaur, acceptance spreads like a fire. Often that’s an amazing process, but Kaur admits in her anti-bullying work that words do hurt and that her journey to acceptance has been a rocky one, filled with self-harming tendencies.

So, what are the options?

Is spiraling really the only option for those who do want to change something about themselves? Of course not. There are many available solutions to our problems, from lifestyle changes to medical procedures. There’s no need to sacrifice viable solutions to acceptance and body positivity. Everyone should focus on getting to a place where they can love who they are, even if the paths to get there look very different.

Kaur's confidence on a runway is awe-inspiring, but one has to wonder, would she have been in a better place if she could have opted for permanent hair removal? Would she have ever thought about self-harm? If a simple solution exists, why should anyone struggle so hard? Swimming with a cinderblock chained to your ankle may make you stronger, but there are ways to strengthen yourself without risking your life.

For those struggling with body image because of unwanted hair, electrolysis is a permanent, effective solution. Electrologists are often inspired to pursue their careers because of their own need for permanent hair removal. Electrolysis permanent hair removal was an incredible, positive change for them, a change they wanted to share with others. It’s a small thing - a few follicles - but it can make a huge difference in how you see yourself. If it makes you fell more confident, I say go for it!

You get to decide what works for you

In the struggle to develop self-confidence, there are bullets to dodge almost anywhere you look, from both media and entertainers. At first glance "All About That Bass" is a harmless body positivity hit, but Trainor's song has a twisted side as it slams thin women. There's a dark side to some body acceptance advocates, shaming those who choose to improve their appearances so that they can love themselves. Any change that lets you walk taller, feel beautiful, and exude confidence is growth. Whether that growth comes from meditation, support groups, or cosmetic procedures doesn't matter. It's all moving toward acceptance.

If unwanted hair is keeping you from feeling like your best self, end the shame cycle. If you choose to end it by seeking permanent hair removal, the electrologist community is there for you.

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