Confidential Hair Removal Should Be Confidential

October 9th, 2012
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Questions About Electrolysis Permanent Hair RemovalQuestion: If electrolysis hair removal is a good choice, why don't I see reality TV personalities, pop music stars, and models on TV talking about their electrolysis hair removal treatments?

Answer: Because when an electrologist removes your unwanted hair, she shuts up about it!

Electrologists are very serious about what they do. They understand that unwanted hair isn't just a minor inconvenience. It's not about the latest style. Electrolysis hair removal clients are often looking for something much deeper - something much more important. They are a young woman with PCOS looking for an ally in her battle against her own unruly body chemistry. They are a transgender woman who wants to see herself when she looks in the mirror, not some bearded person. They are a man who knows his partner doesn't find his hairy back attractive, and he wants to be attractive to the one he loves. They are a woman whose life is far too bounded by her unrelenting five-o-clock shadow and the fear that someone will see her before she can get to the bathroom and shave. They are teenagers who live in a world where appearance is vitally important.

These are not people who call press conferences about their treatments. These are not people who want to be in the waiting area when someone else arrives for their treatment with the paparazzi in tow. You don't hear too much about people having electrolysis, because these people want to keep their confidential hair removal treatments confidential. It's private. You don't hear about people having electrolysis hair removal because electrologists don't tell anyone. And that's a good thing.

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3 Responses to “Confidential Hair Removal Should Be Confidential”

  1. So true, we cannot even tell sisters that each one has been to our office. I once spoke at a legislative senate building on an electrolysis bill, my client, a senator said she would vote for it but I could not say she was my client. Was our secret.
    Another time a friend of mine who is a nurse, said she had a patient who I had treated, she said I had helped her and she was very pleased with our treatments. When I asked who it was, she said I can't tell you. HIPPA.
    ONLY if you get permission from your client can you say a word, but they tell who they want to and when.

  2. We certainly do appreciate those who tell the world, though. (Some just tell their close friends, and some will tell their co-workers - and they are equally appreciated.)

    Since most electrologists are self-employed women, word-of-mouth is one of our best ways to reach new clients. It's something we can afford!!!

  3. Thus: Smooth Secrets! While you skin is ultimately SMOOTH after treatment, it is also our SECRET!

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