8 Fictional Characters With Unwanted Hair

January 7th, 2015
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We all know folks who have complaints about their unwanted hair. In fact, it's such a common complaint that it's even addressed in popular culture like movies, books, and TV shows. Who among our favorite fictional friends would be so much happier with electrolysis?

Liz Lemon - Unwanted Hair

Liz Lemon (30 Rock)

Can anyone forget Liz's love-to-hate relationship with the unwanted hair on her upper lip? She even gave her little mustache a name, Tom Selleck! Liz waxed Tom off regularly, risking skin damage and enduring quite a bit of pain to keep him at bay. A few gentle electrolysis sessions would have saved her time, money, and aggravation – unlike waxing, electrolysis doesn't carry the risk of losing a bit of skin, it hurts less, and it's permanent.

Hal Wilkerson (Malcolm in the Middle)

The very first time we meet Hal, we can see that he's not only a really fuzzy guy, he's apparently not happy with being fuzzy. His wife, Lois, is busily shaving him while he reads the newspaper. Did I mention that he's fuzzy? Really fuzzy? Not only does it take a long time to shave him, he risks getting cut, and when all that unwanted hair starts growing back, it itches! Get thee to the electrologist's, Hal! No cuts, no infections, no itching.

Andy Stitzer (The 40 Year-Old Virgin)

Sweet, nerdy Andy. He's our kind of guy – a little awkward, but cute and super smart. Who doesn't love a sweet and funny nerdy guy? Andy's friends told him that to get hottied up for the honeys, he should get the unwanted hair on his chest waxed. OUCH! (Trivia tidbit: Steve Carrell was actually waxed in that scene. The howls of pain and red, inflamed skin were real!) Next time, Andy, see an electrologist. You won't want to take Kelly Clarkson's name in vain.

Renly Baratheon (Game of Thrones)

Oh, Renly. Beautiful man, Lord of Storm's End, and self-crowned King of the Seven Kingdoms. Impeccable facial hair, but is clearly unhappy with his hairy chest. His similarly beautiful paramour, Ser Loras Tyrell, gently shaves him, and unfortunately nicks him in the process. That's an indignity no King should suffer! A licensed electrologist is a much better choice for that unwanted hair.

Reverend Jim Ignatowski (Taxi)

Gentle, strangely philosophical, and perpetually scruffy, we always loved Jim Ignatowki's hilariously raised eyebrow whenever he cracked wise. But wouldn't those expressive brows really shine with a little tidying up?

Bert - Sesame Street - Unibrow

Bert (Sesame Street)

Another nerdy guy, with an exquisitely organized bottle cap collection and a penchant for neatness. Dearest Bert, with such a love for order, would you maybe let us tidy up your eyebrow? We'd love to see you look less grumpy! It's safe, comfortable, and will make you look dapper!

Hairy Rob Lowe

Hairy Rob Lowe (Direct TV)

Poor hairy Rob. Grooming is a nightmare, what with arm hair curtains, wild, unruly brows, and a comb stuck in his back hair. All he really wants is to be Handsome Rob Lowe, and we want him to be what he wants. A little brow tidying here, some gentle treatments there, and soon, Hairy Rob Lowe will be Handsome Rob Lowe, and will never have a comb stuck in his unwanted hair again.

Judge Turpin (Sweeney Todd)

Oh, Judge Turpin. We don't really need to tell you why electrolysis is safer for you than a visit to the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, do we? Safe, effective, no razor burn, no cuts...and no Mrs. Lovett.

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  2. Rita Souza says:

    So funny. My clients tell me they think of me when they see some of the above movie references.

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