Electrolysis Is Permanent Hair Removal. Permanent!

March 15th, 2013

Transgender WomanA friend of mine was recently promoting a fundraising page for a young woman seeking financial help for her transition. When I looked at her page, I noticed that she was seeking funds for SRS and electrolysis. Not just hair removal, but specifically electrolysis. I've often noticed this within the transgender community. They may consider other hair removal methods as temporary stopgaps, but the ultimate goal is electrolysis.

I spend a lot of time evaluating products and technologies in various areas. Doing so means wading through a lot of marketing flash, iffy reviews, and unreliable information. To get to the truth, the question I always ask myself is "Who are the people who are serious about this, and what do they choose for their own use?" When it comes to permanent hair removal, I don't think you can get more serious than a transgender woman.

At the cosmetic level, they need the body and facial hair gone, and it needs to be gone for good. Every unwanted hair, especially on the face, is a source of shame, dysphoria, and anxiety. Depending on her situation, it can even be a danger to her physical safety. Shaving won't do. Reduction won't do. Every hair must be permanently removed at the root.

At the physical level, those transgender women who are preparing for SRS need permanent hair removal in the areas to be affected by the surgery. In this case, hair that grows back is a serious health hazard. Again, reduction is not enough for this situation. Each and every hair must be permanently removed. Each and every follicle must be prevented from ever growing hair again. The process can't be affected by skin color or hair color.

Then, there's the issue of confidentiality. While most permanent hair removal consumers want to keep their treatments private, the transgender community requires a whole different level of confidentiality. For them, there is far more at stake than embarrassment.

So, given that these are the serious-as-a-heart-attack consumers for permanent hair removal, I find it telling that they overwhelmingly choose electrolysis. When you push all the shiny marketing chaff out of the way what's left is very simple: electrolysis, and only electrolysis, provides truly permanent hair removal.


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