Electrologists: I Love Them

September 5th, 2012

While lurking in an electrolysis discussion board recently, I came across a post that reminded me why I love these people. The electrologist was telling a story about a client who was worried about coming for her hair removal appointment because her treatments had been so successful that she hardly had any hair left to remove. The electrologist replied as follows:

"What? No! If you have two hairs that you hate, I will hate them with you!"

Superheroine electrologistTo me, that's what electrologists are all about. It's not just a job to these folks. It's an epic battle against the forces of unruly follicles, uncooperative hormones, and five o' clock shadow. If you have hair that you don't want, these folks don't just remove it; they go to war against it. Seriously. If it wasn't so jarring, I think they'd actually whip out a trumpet and sound a charge before each treatment.

The commitment to constant improvement displayed by the electrologist community never ceases to amaze and impress me. They are always looking for information about new techniques. They post excitedly about finding a new lamp because of how visible it makes fine, blond hairs. They have long passionate discussions about the best ways to sterilize particular bits of their equipment and the effects of different brands of sunscreen and the best epilator settings for certain types of hair. No matter how long they've been practicing electrologists, they never stop working to get better.

I've been working with these people for the past six years and I can tell you this: If I ever have unwanted hair that I need to have removed, I wouldn't even consider any other method than electrolysis. When it comes to choosing someone to be on my side against unwanted hair, I don't want a faceless cosmetics company or an impersonal technician or even a doctor with a laser. I want one of these amazing Battle-Zappers!


2 Responses to “Electrologists: I Love Them”

  1. J. M. Reina says:

    And I want clients like you!

  2. Dee Fahey says:

    I think most electrologists were Roman Gladiators in their past life. We love to get into battle position to kill the hair enemy. Cute article!

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