Electrolysis Hair Removal - Four Ways To Spend Less

August 16th, 2012

Concerned about the cost of electrolysis hair removal treatments? These four easy tips to reduce that cost might surprise you. Hint: None of them involve seeing the cheapest electrologist you can find.

1. Choose A Licensed/Certified Professional

The best way to save on your electrolysis hair removal treatments is to choose an electrologist who knows what they're doing. Because math. It's like this: electrologists charge by the minute, not by the hair. A good electrologist can permanently remove more hairs in each treatment session than one who is not so good. More hairs removed per session means fewer sessions which means less cost.

How do you know if you've got a good electrologist? First, check if your state has licensing. If your state does have licensing requirements for electrologists, then your electrologist must be licensed. Period. If they are not licensed, walk away. If your state does not have licensing requirements (or even if it does), make sure your electrologist is taking it upon themselves to ensure their skills are up-to-date with certification.

Certified Professional Electrologist Credential

Licensing requirements for electrolysis hair removal providers vary widely between states. Some don't have any licensing requirements for electrologists at all. To ensure that your electrologist is keeping their education current (no pun intended) and that their skills have been measured against a national standard of excellence, look for a reliable certification. For example, the Certified Professional Electrologist credential issued by the American Electrology Association International Board of Electrologist Certification (IBEC).

2. Keep Your Electrolysis Hair Removal Appointments

Time is money. So are no-show fees. If you don't show up for your appointments, then your next appointment is probably going to cost more as your electrologist may charge you a no-show fee. If you show up late, you may still be charged for the whole session, but your electrologist will have less time to remove hair. In both cases, you are paying more for each hair removed than if you had kept your appointment. Show up, save money!

3. Follow Post-Treatment Instructions

Your electrologist will likely give you some instructions between your electrolysis hair removal treatments. They will talk to you are about sunscreen, staying hydrated, not tweezing, etc. If you do as the electrologist asks, you can save yourself money. Your electrologist won't have to deal with dry skin, damaged follicles, or the other things that slow them down. The faster your electrologist can remove your unwanted hair, the more money you save on your treatments.

4. Put the Phone Away

If you want to pay your electrologist to listen to you talk on the phone, then that's your choice. If you prefer to get the amount of treatment you're paying for, then turn off the cell phone. In addition to being able to give you the full number of treatment minutes you paid for, your electrologist will also appreciate not getting smacked in the face by their equipment as you dive for your phone.

Many thanks to these wonderful people for their input!
Bette Napier Pritchett, CPE

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