Don't Make Your Electrologist Fire You

May 2nd, 2012

You may find a lot of information about whether you should fire your electrologist, but you might not be aware that your electrologist can also fire you.

An electrolysis practice is not a hospital emergency room. Electrologists are not legally required to remove your unwanted hair no matter what. While your electrologist is unlikely to deny you hair removal services based on your race, sex, ethnicity, beliefs, gender, etc., there are other reasons that are very likely to make your electrolysis hair removal provider send you packing.

Here are the top three kinds of clients that no electrologist wants:

1. Nellie No-Show
Nellie No-Show is the absolute worst. She makes appointments, and then just doesn't show up. Over and over again. Electrologists understand that people have sudden emergencies, but clients who repeatedly book hair removal services and then just don't show up will not be clients for long.

Most electrologists work by appointment only. In order to be there for Nellie No-Show's appointment, they may have left a family gathering early, not taken a grandchild to the park, missed a movie with friends, or any number of other "get a life" type things.

Being cavalier about appointments is a clear statement that Nellie No-Show thinks her electrologist's time is of little value when compared to her own. Her electrologist strongly disagrees.

2. Ned Know-It-All
Ned Know-It-All wants to make sure the electrologist understands that he knows much more about hair removal and electrolysis than she does. He won't let her do her job, insists on treatments that make no sense, then blames the electrologist when he doesn't get the results he wants.

Electrologists invest significant amounts of time in their training and equipment. They know what they're doing and they are not interested in performing treatments that don't effectively remove unwanted hair. If Ned Know-It-All won't let his electrologist do her best job for him, she's likely to show him the door.

"Oh, yes, Donna! The Permanent Hair Removal Fairy will make all your unwanted hair just melt away!"

3. Donna Denial
Donna Denial says she's interested in permanent hair removal treatments, but what she really wants is for the Permanent Hair Removal Fairy to magically make all her unwanted hair disappear instantly without it requiring any of her time or money. Donna Denial gets angry at the free initial consultation because her electrologist, being a responsible practitioner who doesn't lie to her clients, won't tell her what she wants to hear.

After her electrologist politely informs her that permanent hair removal simply doesn't work that way, she huffs out of the electrologist's office and proceeds to purchase every single cream, lotion, device, and snake oil recipe she sees that advertises "Painless Permanent Hair Removal For Only $9.99 While You Do Nothing But Eat Cookies And Receive A Foot Massage!"

Meanwhile, her electrologist breathes a sigh of relief and moves on to a client who actually wants to get rid of their unwanted hair.

The moral of the story is simple: Electrologists want to permanently remove your unwanted hair. Show up and let them.


One Response to “Don't Make Your Electrologist Fire You”

  1. BGreathouseCPE says:

    Probably as disappointing as having to "fire" a client for no-shows and non-compliance is the loss of a client due to their not understanding the process. When they suddenly stop coming, the electrologist wonders and worries about "why" this happened. Did they think all the hair would be gone in three treatments? Did they have an unexpected skin reaction? Did they have a job change? Did they forget one appointment and then were to embarrassed to return? As a rule, electrologists are very caring individuals. If a client will communicate their concerns, the electrologist will be very happy to provide information and to forgive for a single missed appointment.

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