Unwanted Toe Hair: A Problem with Solutions

June 24th, 2016

Electrolysis permanently removes unwanted toe hairWhether due to an activated toe hair gene or a heady concentration of hair growth hormones, or a confluence of both, some people have hairy feet. Whether that’s a smattering of toe hair on a few digits or cascades of curlicued hair needing a brush, Western society is increasingly drawn to smooth, hair-free skin.

People with particularly luxuriant feet have compared themselves to Tolkien’s hobbits - creatures whose feet are covered in a coat of hair. Now that summer is upon us, many are looking down at those hairs bared in their sandals and wishing for a solution. No one wants to be plagued by insecurities when they are trying to choose the most comfortable shoe option for the summer. Do you choose to cover up reemerging hairs, or go for the coolest option? Why compromise when there are solutions?

According to the Daily Mail, British men are increasingly joining the market for cosmetic procedures as they seek different hair removal options. As some increase their shaving surface area, they quickly experience the frustrations of a mere temporary reprieve from hair growth and an increased overall grooming time. And while we could wish away vanity and hair standards, they seem to be veering toward less hair, not more. The Daily Mail is even predicting smooth legs will become standard for all men, not just bodybuilders and swimmers.

Solutions For Unwanted Toe Hair

Many are investing in semi-permanent and permanent hair removal solutions. Some are turning to laser removal for a reduction in hair growth and a temporary removal. Others opt for electrolysis, which offers the only method approved by the FDA to call itself permanent hair removal. Electrolysis is also great for all hair types, including lighter colors that are difficult for lasers to eliminate.

No matter which method you choose, permanent (or semi-permanent) hair removal doesn’t happen overnight. Both methods require a series of appointments and an upfront investment. However, when you consider your lifetime cost of shaving supplies and time spent grooming, the initial investment seems like a deal. And you’ll never have to worry about those stray toe hairs when you slip on your sandals to head to the beach again. Self-confidence is priceless.


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